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FCC EAS Test Report System (ETRS) Form 1 Now Past Due
Is Your Station Ready for the National EAS Test September 28?

FCC regulations have changed and all broadcasters must comply including Low Power FM stations.  The deadline to complete ETRS Form 1 was Friday, August 26.  While the FCC could fine broadcasters for missing the deadline, CCB believes there will be a short grace period.  We understand the FCC's main objective is to get the broadcast industry ready now for the September test rather than impose files.

The FCC is not expected to contact stations individually about the new EAS equipment requirements, procedures, and tests since they have been announced by various Public Notices on the FCC website.

If your station has not filed ETRS Form 1 and otherwise prepared for the new procedures and the National Test call CCB today at (770-720-1037) with your credit card information.  We will then email you further instructions and a brief questionnaire to gather information.  

1. CCB will prepare and file ETRS Form 1, and provide you with instructions for filing Forms 2 and 3.  

2. We will review the type EAS equipment, model, and software version you have.  Unless it has been changed very recently, it will need to be updated.  While only Digital Alert, Gorman-Redlich, Sage, and Trilithic currently make EAS equipment, there are dozens of possible firmware and software options.  Some have not been evaluated by the FCC.  If you are fortunate to have newer equipment, the update could be free.  Older equipment might need to be replaced at a $2,000 to $3,000 cost.

3. If your ETRS data needs to be updated or corrected after the initial input, the FCC allows this through September 26.  During this time you can update your EAS equipment.  This is important since no broadcaster wants obsolete equipment which does not support the new regulations.

4. On September 28 each broadcaster must log into ETRS between 2:20 EDT and midnight and answer two questions on Form 2 (which has not been officially released yet).  Only someone at the station can know if the test was received and re-transmitted.  With nearly 30,000 broadcasters and cable operators attempting to log in at the same time, the process will be slow or the system might crash.

5. If the Form 2 answers are "yes" then form 3 can be filed at the same time.  If there are problems, broadcasters can explain the problems by November 14 on Form 3.

To start the process, call CCB right away.  Since 2000, CCB has assisted churches, ministries, schools, and community groups with FCC filings and equipment needs, and we operate WPCG-LP.  Based on the thousands of hours we have spent filing FCC forms, it does not take us 43 hours (estimated by the FCC), but it is time-consuming, frustrating, and has already involved multiple calls and emails to the FCC, manufacturers, state broadcaster associations and online research!  Some states donít even have a State EAS plan or have outdated, conflicting or misleading information.

Call us today!  We would like to hear from all our clients including those who have filed and updated their EAS.


                2013 LPFM Window 

Applications Filed 2,802
Dismissed/Cancelled/Rescinded __989
Net applications 1,813
On Air / Licensed 864
Unbuilt Construction Permits 884
MX, unprocessed and Accepted for Filing 65
Net Total 1,813
              2000-2001 LPFM Window 
Applications Filed 3258
Dismissed  1926
CPs Granted 1328
CPs Lapsed / cancelled 425
Total Licensed 907
License cancelled 129
Licensed and Silent      15
Licensed / on air 778

     See Recnet.com for detailed scorecard



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