KREV-LP Estes Park, CO
By Paul Saunders, Station Manager

On Friday September 9 KREV-LP 104.7  broadcast the Estes Park High School football game on the air and video, in partnership with  KREV is owned by the Estes Park United Methodist church of Estes Park. Pastor Deb Olenyik said that "it is important for the church and station to be part of the community life to broadcast school sports and concerts and educational programs and we are excited to work with the school system on this new service."

Program Director Barney Treadway, is assembling more radio programs that local residents and visitors have come to enjoy. Station Manager Paul Saunders, is working with Eric Calkins of on technical matters. In partnership with  the station KREV is now on the Internet in stereo. Saunders said that "technology that has become available in the last few years, has made Estes Park available to the world. People with second homes can listen to programs and see school events from their homes in other states and countries." Greg, Paul and Eric with web master Tim Buck plan more features to the web site with program play lists information showing as a song is being played and other exciting features.