For years CCB has been a distributor for Nicom, the leading brand of NCE antennas based on coverage, reliability, construction (solid stainless steel), and economy. These outstanding antennas are custom-made in California and rated for up to 20,000 watts ERP. 

Options include the Linear Polarized BLD1/P, BKG1/P, BKK2, and BKY3 series, the Circular Polarized BKG88 (regular narrow band) antennas, and Circularized Polarized BKG77 (winterized broadband) series.  

Antennas may be stacked, up to eight bays.  While dozens - hundreds - of combinations and configurations are possibly, each station's selection is limited by the terms of its Construction Permit.  For example, many NCE broadcaster are close to Channel 6 TV stations and thus are required to use Linear (vertical) polarization.  Other factors that must be considered are the pattern, transmitter power, ERP, and even weather conditions (i.e. winter icing).

CCB can assist in determining the best make and model for each situation.  Call 678 880-0676 or email

Click on Specifications below for technical data: 

BKG88 - Circular Polarized Antenna specifications


BKG77 - Anti-Icing Antenna specifications

BLD1 - Vertical Polarized FM Antenna specifications