All client-members are requested to provide: 1. Complete contact information including name of non-profit and/or calls letters, address, regular and cell phone numbers, primary and alternative
email addresses, and website if any. 2. When your organization became a CCB (approximate date/year is OK). 3. Your main interest: license renewal/upgrading your existing LPFM or filing for a new LPFM in 2013. (Current LPFMs cannot apply for an additional station ... but your friends can.

impossible to know how much professional time and what software will required for the next LPFM Window. The FCC has not established the rules and processing procedures.  One question might be answered in seconds; another might take hours to answer and require expensive software.  When the FCC provides more information, next year, CCB and other consultants can establish realistic and fair fees.  CCB will develop both "package" buffet plans and al la carte carte options