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FCC Extends ETRS Reporting Deadline to December 31

On September 28, 2016, at 2:20pm EDT, all broadcasters, including Low Power FM stations, were required to participate in a National EAS Test and file three Forms using the FCC's new EAS Test Reporting System (ETRS).  Deadlines to file these forms passed months ago. However the FCC will be accepting late filings through this weekend.

All radio and TV stations are required to have a functioning Emergency Alert System compliant with the latest 2016 regulations, and
2. maintain a written record of all tests, available immediately if the FCC conducts an un-announced inspection.

There are two main differences between the National Test and the required weekly/monthly state tests:
1. All broadcasters in America were required to receive and immediately transmit the Test at the same time, and
2. report the results electronically via ETRS Forms 1, 2, and 3.

Many LPFM broadcasters experienced EAS problems of various types. Some stations wanted to identify and correct "what went wrong" before submitting their ETRS Forms.  While well-intentioned, submitting the forms is mandatory but "passing" is not required.

Since 2000, CCB has assisted churches, ministries, schools, and community groups with FCC filings and equipment needs, and we operate WPCG-LP.  

Call or email CCB if you need any type assistance with your LPFM station.


                2013 LPFM Window 

Applications Filed 2,800
Dismissed/Cancelled/Rescinded __848
Net applications 1,952
On Air / Licensed 946
Unbuilt Construction Permits 927
Accepted for Filing 79
Net Total 1,952
              2000-2001 LPFM Window 
Applications Filed 3258
Dismissed  1926
CPs Granted 1328
CPs Lapsed / cancelled 425
Total Licensed 907
License cancelled 129
Licensed and Silent      15
Licensed / on air 778

     See Recnet.com for detailed scorecard



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