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Since LPFM started in 2000, CCB has successfully filed more than 1,000 FCC LPFM applications of all types for churches, ministries, schools, and other local community groups.







2021 CCB


2021 National EAS Test: Broadcasters File ETRS Form 1 Now

The National Periodic Test of the Emergency Alert System returns this year at 2:20pm, EDT, Wednesday, August 11 via "daisy chain" over-the-air delivery. All radio and TV stations must participate. Stations that miss the July 6 deadline for filing the EAS Test Reporting System (ETRS) Form 1 must log in and file without delay.

Broadcasters whose EAS systems are current and properly configured, maintain records of weekly/monthly Tests and Alerts, and participated the last NPT in 2019 (none in 2020 because of COVID) shouldn't have any problem this year with forms 1, 2, or 3 if they kept accurate records and knowledgable personnel.

Stations that do not know their user name and password or the answers to 50+ questions on Form 1 need professional help. Starting with the NPT in 2011 and 2016, CCB has assisted clients with hundreds of EAS NPT filings. CCB's fee is $150 ($200 regular price) for the first fifty stations who respond in August by calling 770 720-1037 or emailing JohnBroomall@yahoo.com with your call letters and "yes" in the subject line and your name and phone number in the email. CCB will contact everyone who responds in the order received.

   California LPFMs: Renew Your License Now and Save $50

If you are one of the first 25 California Low Power stations to retain CCB we will file your mandatory FCC License Renewal for only $150 (regular price $200). The six-month long, eight-step, Renewal process started June 1. August 2nd is the filing deadline even though California Licenses do not until December 1. Don't procrastinate! Late filers face a $1,500 FCC penalty. 

CCB has filed hundreds of Renewals for Low Power broadcasters in the past 21 years. The Renewal process today is different from eight years ago and has changed several times in the past two years because of COVID and FCC database upgrades.  Once renewed, Licenses are valid for eight years. CCB's fee is the only cost for our clients (the FCC does not charge NCE stations). The current renewal cycle started in April 2019 in Washington, D.C., and end August 1, 2022, in Delaware and Pennsylvania.  Contact Christian Community Broadcasters today by emailing JohnBroomall@ Yahoo.com or phone: 770 (720) 1037.    



    Apply for Full Power NCE
This November the FCC will open a window for new full-power Non-Commercial FM stations in nationally in rural areas. ( The radio dial is full in top fifty radio markets.) Contact CCB for more information.

CCB is Your LPFM "A.C.E.

 Need any type of assistance related to Low Power FM?  CCB is noted for its Advocacy, its expert Consulting and quality radio Equipment on a low-power budget.

John Broomall is not an "arm-chair" Consultant.  He has a "hands-on knowledge of LPFM.  Since 2004 he has operated WPCG-LP, Grace Radio 102.9, in Canton, GA in metropolitan Atlanta. 






Christian Community Broadcasters  Phone (770) 720-1037      Email JohnBroomall @Yahoo.com