Your construction permit specify the location (latitude and longitude) and height for your antenna.  Some CPs might specify the location of an existing tower, owned and managed by a professional tower company such as American Tower.  A few might specify a roof-top or steeple-top site.  

Tower expense could range from a few thousand dollars for a short (under 100 feet) utility pole or self-supporting tower to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a 400+ foot tower with strope lights, particularly if acres of expensive land needed to be purchased to contain wide-ranging guy wires.

In some case a permittee might need to modify its CP and reduce antenna height.  In other case this will not be permitted.  While CCB is not an expert in local tower requirements and costs, we can provide valuable preliminary assistance.  You may call (678) 880-0676 or email JohnBroomall@yahoo,com